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Rasperia Trading Ltd
. invests in medium-sized production companies with a turnover of minimum EUR 30 Mio.

Our investment parameters:

  • Medium-sized production companies (No service industries)
  • Turnover of minimum EUR 30 Mio.
  •  Majority stakes, minority stakes only if portfolio-companies are bigger than ˆ 2 bn sales;
  • Focus of investment on later stage companies;
  • Rasperia offers long-term company capital for succession strategies, expansion funding, and corporate de-mergers, including the option of management participation (MBO/MBI) as well as corporate restructurings, provided there is a healthy business core.


One distinct performance feature of Rasperia is its "Program Office“ (short PO). The PO stands for the structured implementation of optimisation measures.

Rasperia's long-standing experience in industry and management is put into practice in form of the Program Office. For this purpose, a designated Program Office team is installed in the portfolio company. This team's exclusive responsibility is the implementation of improvement measures, making it a special department of the managing board. This allows the managing board to concentrate on the operative business. The Program Office team together with the management team works together to increase the value of the portfolio company, to implement new strategies, to make sure that management-succession is successfully implemented.